Savage Grace Sauvignon Blanc 2013

Vineyard: Red Willow Vineyard (Yakima Valley, WA)

Harvest: Picked 9/7/2013, Brix=21.7

Processing (wine making): Whole-cluster pressed. Combination of stainless-steel and native fermentation in neutral barrel. Bottled after 3 months in tank. 
Alcohol: 12.5%, Final pH=3.1, TA = 6.7g/l

Tasting Notes: Refreshing citrus and wet stone minerality.

Aspect/Altitude/Climate/Soil: S/SE facing, 1100-1300 feet, sandy loam. Clones: Sauvignon Musque, Wente, France 317/378, Italy.

Production: 112 cases

Winemaker Comments: "Although Red Willow vineyard is mostly known for its red grapes of distinction, grower Mike Sauer has also been carefully cultivating a few white varieties in other areas of his vineyard, like this Sauvignon Blanc. In this case, he planted a couple rows with a “field-blend” of several Sauvignon Blanc clones not normally grown in Washington - such as the Sauvignon Musque clone from France’s Loire Valley. This version has some of the qualities I enjoy from wines of that region - refreshing acidity, clean citrus and mineral flavors, food-friendly - and at the same time has qualities unique to these Red Willow vineyard rows.” —Michael Savage