2011 Cabernet Franc F.jpg

Cor Cellars Cabernet Franc 2011

Vineyard source: Copeland Vineyard (Rattlesnake Hills WA)

Harvest: Picked 10/15/2013, Brix=23

Processing (Wine Making): De-stemmed, whole-berry fermented, 4-day cold-soak, no enzymes, pressed just before dryness into neutral French-oak barrels.

Élevage: 7-months neutral oak.

Alcohol: 13.3%. Final pH=3.48, TA=5.7g/l

Tasting Notes: Bright cherry/raspberry liqueur, with backbone of minerality and earth.

Aspect/Altitude/Climate/Soil: South-facing slope, 1,293 feet, warm days, cools nights, sandy and rocky soil.