Savage Grace

Cabernet Franc 2013

Vineyard Source: Copeland Vineyard (Rattlesnake Hills WA) 

Harvest: Picked 10/15/2013, Brix=23

Processing (Wine Making): De-stemmed, whole-berry fermented, 4-day cold-soak, no enzymes, pressed just before dryness into neutral French-oak barrels.

Élevage: 7-months neutral oak. 
Alcohol: 13.3%. Final pH=3.48, TA=5.7g/l

Tasting Notes: Bright cherry/raspberry liqueur, with backbone of minerality and earth.

Aspect/Altitude/Climate/Soil: South-facing slope, 1,293 feet, warm days, cools nights, sandy and rocky soil.

Winemaker Comments: "This was made in the style of some of my favorite red wines from the Loire Valley (Chinon) and Beaujolais Cru regions of France. The Cabernet Franc grapes from this particular vineyard have a wonderful red fruit character which the whole-berry fermentation and low-oak footprint help preserve, yet with a softer tannic structure than is typical of this grape. Together, these make it perfect for this style of early release, food-friendly red wine that will pair with a large variety of foods, as well as a great holiday dinner wine.” —Michael Savage